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Kitchen Setup

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Pots and Pans

  • 8 in Fry Pan

  • 10 in Fry Pan

  • 2.5 qt Sauce Pan with Cover

  • 3.5 qt Sauce Pan with Cover

  • 3 qt Saute Pan with Cover

  • 6 qt Stock Pot with Cover

If you've never used Stainless Steel before, you may want to watch this quick overview to avoid having your food stick to the pan

Cutting Knives

Knives in the set

8" Chef Knife x1 10'' Bread Knife x1 8" Slicing Knife x1 7" Santoku Knife x1 6" Chef Knife x1 4.7" Utility Knife x1 5.5" Scissors x1 3.2" Paring Knife x1 4.7" Steak Knives x 6 Sharpen Steel x1 Knife Block (Includes Removable Steak Knife Block) x1

Kitchen Utensils

16x Piece set

Solid Turner X 1

Slotted Turner X 1

Slotted Spoon X 1

Solid Spoon X 1

Pasta Server X 1

Soup Spoon X 1

Slotted Spatula X 1

Slotted Spoon X 1

Kitchen Tongs X 1

Whisk X 1

Flexible Spatula X 1

Basting Brush X 1

Spoon Spatula X 1

Spreader Spatula X 1

Silicone Gloves X 2

Modern Holder X 1


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