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Sous Vide - So what?

Sous Vide is French for "expensive steak". Don't quote me on that. For the record, I was not influenced by public opinion to make it - see figure 1 below, clearly showing I patiently waited for the trend to reach the bottom before attempting.


Tried the Sous Vide function on my instant pot. Does a decent job preventing the loss of juices and even cooking. Not something to do in a hurry. Would season it better next time.


I don't have a vacuum sealer for the bag. I followed a YouTube cook's advice to use an open zip lock bag, placing it in the water up to the zip line, and squeezing out the air before closure.

  1. Ensure you have a sealer ring in the pot - mine has a colored one for sweet and a clear one for savory dishes to prevent bleed over of flavor.

  2. Place a seasoned steak in a zip lock bag, remove as much air as possible, then place in a half-filled pot of water.

  3. Use Sous Vide function - Set temperature as required (I did 130F for 1.5 hours in this version).

  4. Remove the steak and take out of the bag

  5. This is how the steak looks before searing it

  6. Use the sauté function, bring a neutral oil or ghee to temperature. Sear the steak for about 4 mins a side

  7. This is how the steak looked

  8. And crosscut - medium rear on the inside and seared on the outside.

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