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Updated: May 1, 2018

"Art Alive" at the San Diego Museum of Art as well as the debut of exhibit "Moon Gold" described as "the art and alchemy of New York-based Nancy Lorenz. Having trained in the conservation of Japanese decorative arts, Lorenz continues to employ traditional lacquering and gilding techniques as points of departure in her studio practice. This collaboration with the Museum will feature new works by the artist inspired by Japanese masterpieces from the permanent collection and will be accompanied by a catalogue published by the Museum.

Among the painted works in the exhibition will be what Lorenz calls Pours, abstract compositions involving gestural applications of water-gilded gesso. Varying in scale, these paintings turn on the tension between arid fields of pigment and sumptuous cascades of gold, silver, and platinum. More intimate, though no less beguiling, will be a group of decadently adorned boxes.

Elsewhere, corrugated cardboard is transformed into a ground for gilding. Abstract scratches and striations coalesce into a landscape composition, an evocation of sea, sky, and slanting rain. This motif, studied from nature in the artist’s sketchbooks, remains a recurring theme in paintings large and small, and in the panels that together form folding screens." Stub

Additionally, we checked out the "Adams unplugged" event, catching some live shows and even bought a good old fashion CD from Nathan & Jessie

Layout of Adams ave events

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