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Pool Sharks -The Tempest - Donna Jeans

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

While most of the world was distracted with World Cup, a legendary billiards match was decided in Escondido. One side clearly had a better PR team...

Pool Score Card
Both Of Tim's Wins Came when Miss R knocked an 8-ball in; none were from finishing the game himself


Another working night, but we were determined to continue to try to make small traditions. We ventured out to this month's Sculpture and Cocktails. The Theme was "Epic Summer" to showcase Epic Tales from Ancient India

"Indian paintings are usually admired as individual works of art, but viewing them this way reveals only part of their story.  Since most of these paintings come from books and were intended to accompany a text, this exhibition will be arranged by narrative, thus placing the paintings back in their original context–as illustrations within works of literature. Spanning the 16th through 19th centuries, the stories include the Bhagavata Purana, ancient tales of Lord Vishnu and his various incarnations; the Ramayana, recounting the adventures and battles of Hindu god, Rama; the Ragamala, stories entailing music, love, and seasons; and works of Persian literature, including the Shahnama, an epic tale illuminating the cultural and geographic breadth of Iran, and its heroic rulers." SDMA Website

While Tim had to rush back for work, we both were able to sample Bobboi Vegan Gelato: Vistachio was a hit


It was a working week though full of cheat nights and such stuff as dreams are made of.

When it's Singles night...

All Vegan at Donna Jeans: King Oyster Chowder, Easy Tiger Pizza (Mozzarella, mushrooms, chorizo spiced tempeh, red onions, black pepper cream, and basil) and Asparagus with smoked almonds and bechamel


Shakespeare's The Tempest stage setup at the Old Globe Theater
“Me, poor man, my library Was dukedom large enough.”

For more photos of the event, checkout this review article .

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